Microfeathering: see the difference love the result

The fine trend microblading continues to... Microfeathering. Both a form of tattoo for natural eyebrows.

How does it work? What is Microfeathering?
No technical device is required for microfeathering. This specialism is done with a manual pen. Each specialism has its own technique. You can see the difference in the result 
As for Microfeathering you go for wild, less is more eyebrows.
When microblading is used, you get sophisticated eyebrows.

Both techniques achieve an enormous success because of the natural results.


Is wild, not sophisticated. The wild look suits especially for natural types. Usually these types wear little makeup. Hairs are drawn casually. With less structure than with microblading.

Microfeathering is also a refined shape tattoo. This is done with a manual pen. With sterile, ultrafine needles. The pen you operate manually, so without an electrical device. The needles are paper thin, so the tattood hairs in the eyebrows are very fine. Finer than when using a permanent makeup device, or a tattoo device.  Microfeathering  brings pigment under the skin with a kind of sliding, sweeping stroking motion. The movement feels like a feather technique.

Are you looking for natural eyebrows? No eye-catching eyebrows? And do you prefer absolutely to recognize yourself?
Don't you have eyebrows (anymore)? Do you suffer from alopecia? Hair loss in the eyebrows? Too much epilated? Or just wrongly epilated?
Such an uncomfortable situation: it kind of shook your confidence. You don't ok without eyebrows. They're too pale, too light. Or too few hairs? Recognizable?

What would it mean if you had eyebrows again? Beautiful, shaped, full eyebrows. Of course. You'll feel better right away. You're just glowing. A boost in your confidence. No more stress. You look proudly in the mirror again.

Are you considering microfeathering? Make an appointment without obligation. Together we'll look at the possibilities for you.

How do I proceed?

Beforehand, I draw your eyebrow in detail with a pencil. A custom style for every woman, man. Regardless of ethnic origin, age, or type of skin. Fine hair patterns for alopecia patients, result in beautiful eyebrows.
Every man or woman has his/her own style of eyebrow. I draw the eyebrow that suits you, respecting your personality.
For this I take into account:

-the expression your face

-the thickness and length of your eyebrows


-your personality

With this personal data I sculpt your eyebrows that suit your personality.

The direction of the hairs is important. We model the eyebrows.
For individual modelling of the eyebrow, a firm insight, knowledge, sense of artistic drawing, manipulation of the hand tool are essential.
I'm thoroughly analyzing the hairstyle of your eyebrows. Every eyebrow is different and the style is not always the same.

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